Dawn Tan's Story

Clothesline Content filmed with Melbourne artist, Dawn Tan @handmadelove, to tell her story.

Dawn moved to Melbourne in 2008 to pursue a fine arts degree in painting. She fell in love with Melbourne and Melbourne fell in love with her art work. Dawn works as a freelance illustrator and spends her days painting, soap making and running art workshops for both children and adults. 

Dawn recently went on the trip of a lifetime around the US with her hubby. While they were on the road they decided to try an alternative form of accommodation, a yurt. Dawn describes there night in the yurt as, "the scariest night of her life." But whilst they were staying there her hubby had a brilliant thought. "Wouldn't this yurt make a great art studio?"

For more information on Dawn and her yurt: http://www.dawn-tan.com/

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