consulting & workshops

Do you have an in-house content team and want to grow their production skills? Have an idea that you want to bring to life by workshopping with TV producers? Or want to make more videos and would love some media training tips from experts?

Clothesline’s consultations & workshops give you direct access to producers who have worked on the highest rating shows on Aussie television for over fifteen years. They know how to create engaging content for the masses. Select from the three choices below or get in contact to learn how Clothesline can help you with your video content.


video production workshop

This is for: Businesses who have an in-house content team and want to build on their production skills to create broadcast quality content.

  • Direct access to two producers who have worked in broadcast TV and radio for over 15 years

  • Storytelling skills: learning the story arc and why it’s important

  • The TV checklist for how to make TV quality content (without the TV budget)

  • Interviewing skills: how to get the best out of your talent and keep it engaging

  • Tips for shooting (with a camera or phone), editing and audio

  • Learn how to make your social media videos look TV worthy (even if they’re filmed on a phone)

  • How to produce yourself or team: scripting, self-editing when in front of camera, best durations for content and topics that work best for you and your team


creative consulting

This is for: Have you come up with a bloody great idea for video content but just aren’t sure how to execute it? We can make your vision become a reality.

  • Development of a creative concept

  • Complete storyboarding

  • Style development

  • Shooting style

  • Narrative development

  • Timeline of production

  • Co-ordination of production

  • Budgeting

  • Full production brief at the completion of the workshop


media training

This is for: Anyone who wants to improve their performance in front of the camera. Get the tips and tricks from people who work in TV.

  • Media training by TV producers who have worked with the biggest talent on TV and radio

  • How to look and sound confident in front of the camera

  • How to produce & edit yourself for video content

  • Scripting; so that you're always on message

  • Energy booster; how to create good energy that conveys to the audience

  • What to wear; what works best for you on screen

  • The best places to shoot your videos

  • Practise your on video presentation skills and receive direct feedback