Jacqueline tonks


Jacqueline believes in better beginnings, middles, and ends.

She’s produced some of the biggest shows to hit your screen. Like the one with the food (MasterChef), the one with the witty news panel (The Project), and the one with the two funny guys who used to do radio (Hamish & Andy).

She’s been everywhere, man – from the red dunes of the Australian outback to the red carpet of the Logies, collecting stories as she goes. She’s been telling and producing them for 15 years: on every Australian TV Network. She knows the right one can move people and opinions.


Claire falkiner


Claire can talk to anyone, about anything.

It’s partly why she began her career on radio, at the ABC. Producing breakfast and morning shows in regional and metropolitan stations, she knows all about early birds and their respective worms.  

While she loves a good yarn, she also knows how to walk the talk. She’s put her best foot – and food – forward, producing shows like Masterchef, The Block, The Project and Hard Quiz. Some say she produces quality content thanks to her strategic and creative brilliance. Jac reckons it’s due to her residency at their office’s Nespresso machine.