Want your videos to get views? You need to know about pre-production.

Whether you’re creating videos yourself for your Insta stories or you’re producing your own version of Star Wars with a massive cast and crew, there are three stages that make your life 100% easier. Because we all know that filming, whatever size your project, can be a daunting job.

Drum roll please, the three phases that will ensure that your filming project isn’t a massive disaster are (and apologies but the names, they aren’t very fancy). 

First up we have, pre-production, all the things that need to happen before you film. Then we have, production, the actual filming of all the things. And last but definitely not least, post production. That’s all the things that happen once you’ve filmed your video. 

These three stages were created to streamline the filming process and make, what can be a huge task into three clear stages. We’re going to start with pre-production because it’s the most important. Everything revolves around it. 

Pre-production is ALL the things that need to happen before you even consider picking up your camera or iPhone and filming. Of course you can totally ignore this and begin filming with no plan for what you’re making but I can almost guarantee *unless you’re the next Spielberg* that it will end in a big old mess. And when it comes to filming, you do not want an unorganised shoot. Because the clean up job is the worst. 

Let’s look at some of the MOST IMPORTANT steps in pre-production:  

1.Research: All your research needs to be done in pre-production before you film. It’s no good to you once you’ve made your video.

2.Concept Creation: what is the idea behind the video? Who are you making it for? How long will it be?

3.Write a script: Even if it’s just a guide for yourself, write down an introduction, middle and end to your video so that it flows and makes sense. 

4.Organise a location: Decide where you are going to film and look at the light and listen for any noises that might interfere with your shoot. Loud traffic sound can really kill a video. 

5.Shoot rundown: Create a schedule of your day from beginning to end. This will help you keep to your timings.

6.Casting: Do you need to find a presenter or actor or are you going to star in your video?

7.Book crew: Do you need to book in a camera crew/ runner/ producer/ director?

8.Question Writing: write questions out prior to an interview. This will keep you on track even if you’re interviewing and get nervous. 

9.Filming Permits: think about the locations where you’re going to film and whether or not you need permission from the local council to film there. 

10. Budget: If you’re running a production that’s more than yourself and your iPhone you’re going to have to think about a budget and what the shoot will cost you.