Need some inspiration? Here's Content Clothesline loved this financial year.

We’ve gathered together some content we’ve loved and watched (and are still watching) over the last financial year and we think everyone should see too. Written by Clothesline Content Researcher, Ornella Mutoni.

When the Beat Drops

Showcased at Melbourne Queer Film Festival this year, this doco is a moving but mostly uplifting story of a marginalised community that has found a safe space and joy through dance. The film is directed by famed dancer and choreographer Jamal Sims and tells the story of a growing nation dance movement; Buck, the term used to describe the type of dance is quite literally named after a horses buck. Now, picture that type of move (good luck), danced to your favourite music (because they have to adapt it to all genres), by men defying all the stereotypes society has thrown at them in Atlanta. This energetic and fierce dance was inspired by predominantly female majorette troupes at college games. Fast forward a few years and they can now buck in competitions, showing the most fierce dance moves on the dance floor and community love off the dance floor. Watch this doco if you want to leave with a big ol’ grin on your face.

Colors Berlin

A simple idea that turned into a YouTube channel based in Berlin, could quite possibly be the next MTV for the online world. Yes, we’ve had NPR’s Tiny Desk and Triple J to name a few outstanding YouTube music discovery channels but Colors really does something different with their moto ‘no genre, all colors’, that aims to remove genre boundaries and simply place artists performing on a single coloured screen. The best thing the channel does in not only showcasing new and emerging talent, they introduce their global audience to artists to watch out for from around the world, from India to Sweden to Jamaica. It is refreshing to be so easily introduced to music you would otherwise not be exposed to. The aesthetic and performance of each artists leaves you in a YouTube hole watching every single video. Post-YouTube hole, you come out with an eclectic range of new music and if you miss the days of watching music videos on TV when you were young, this might fill that gap for you.


This beautiful short film, premiered at Sydney’s Mardi Gras Film Festival, is the first narrative film about an intersex character, created by and starring an intersex person. Directed by River Gallo (who stars in it) and their best friend Sade Clacken Joseph, Gallo realised early on from being backed by Executive Producer Stephen Fry and co-produced by Emma Thompson that this was not going to be a queer film for the queer community but for everyone, to create a mainstream conversation for all to have.  

Gallo plays intersex character nicknamed ‘Ponyboi’ who works at a sleazy launderette in New Jersey and dreams of being free from abuse and addiction and to be in love and love them self. After meeting the man from one of their dreams the story becomes one about discovering self-redemption and self-love and pulling themselves out of the emotional trauma from their past. The lack of representation of intersex people on and off screens makes this film one of the first of its kind to help destigmatize the life experiences of intersex people. This film was a proof-of-concept so keep an eye out for the feature film which I am sure will be in the making soon after its successful world premieres at international film festivals.

Jac Tonks